The Samantha Bowers Mysteries


Trials of a reluctant amateur sleuth

Follow the life of Samantha Bowers, throughout her tumultuous twenties—a decade cluttered with murders. How can a reluctant amateur sleuth save herself, the man she loves, and find closure for two troubled kids? Just when one murder is solved, another rears its ugly head.

A Person of Interest
Samantha Bowers Mysteries – Book One

When Samantha Bowers, on the rebound from an unsavory relationship, discovers she is a person of interest in the brutal murder of a prominent Vancouver lawyer, she must trust a random stranger to keep her hidden from the police, as well as from the killers hunting her.

Murder by Bits and Bytes
Samantha Bowers Mysteries – Book Two

Finding drag marks down to the shore and Ben’s torn and bloody shirt on the banks of the Fraser, Samantha has joined the legions of mourners for the disappeared. Despite her smothering grief, she steadfastly defends his best friend, Gerry, as the murders begin to mount up and the security of their tech firm is breached.

Murder by Pins and Needles
Samantha Bowers Mysteries – Book Three

Until she saw the horror on Ben’s face, it hadn’t occurred to Samantha that a menacing murder of crows had congregated in this Attic Windows quilt. It gave her pause to examine it more closely, and what she discovered gave her chills. Who was this woman, L. Bennett, so tormented by suspicion she hid clues to her own murder in a quilt for her son, Nicky? Or was it a daughter? Was she murdered or is she alive, steeped in paranoia?