Murder by Pins and Needles

The Life and Death of Love, Loyalty and Betrayal


“Adrian managed a wan smile. This was reprehensible—he had just lied to his bride-to-be and her parents.

Lise had tracked him down from Paris church records. The passion of generations of unrequited love since WWII filled her letters. The photo of Lise had taken his breath away. There was no way he would share her letters with Lenore.  Fantasies built with each letter until Adrian could stand it no longer. He had to meet her.

Isn’t there a metaphor about killing birds or eating cake? Right. He and Lenore were going to spend their honeymoon in Paris—lie number one.”



The Sewing Room and the Attic Windows Quilts are both backed with the Double Cross pattern. What secrets are stitched within? And how many more quilts will Samantha find?

Murder by Pins and Needles is available in  all four formats!

Digital! Paperback! Hardcover! and Audio –  Narrated by Jenny Hoops!

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