Murder by Pins and Needles

The Life and Death of Love, Loyalty and Betrayal

Murder by Pins and Needles

Samantha Bowers Mysteries – Book Three

A patchwork of love and hate, denial and betrayal…

L. Bennett sat alone in the living room of her Vancouver Island home, staring out the window at the rain that blurred her world. A dog-eared quilter’s notebook lay open on her lap to a poem that held her deepest fears. Sighing, she turned the page and lay her ruler on the grid. This would be no ordinary quilt. Stitched with love and perhaps paranoia, the symbolism would be meaningless unless she was murdered. Her pencil poised above the lines, she cried.

L. Bennett had been murdered. Samantha was sure of it. She sat alone in the living room of her Vancouver apartment staring out at the rain beating an indecipherable code against the window. A quilt lay in her lap, the corner folded up at the label: Remember me, Nicky. Love, Mom. L. Bennett 2015. Who are you, L. Bennett? Sighing, she turned the corner down and drew her hand across the beautiful patches and haunting  embroidered poetry. Her fingers tracing the perfect stitches, she cried.