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Writer of Intrigue and Mystery

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My latest novel, Murder by Pins and Needles, the third in the series, will be published on January 30, 2022. Over the next few weeks, as we plan events, I will keep you, my most loyal readers, informed in this newsletter.

Since it’s been two long years between my novels, what have you been reading besides murder mysteries in the meantime? When I get a chance to spend a weekend reading, I enjoy mysteries, biographies, histories, historical fiction, comedy, a little poetry (I confess I don’t understand a lot of it,) and the dreaded but necessary How-To books. (I don’t understand a lot of those either.) 

Besides reading, what interests you? I’m sure you are not a one-dimensional person, and so my newsletters and blogs will be diverse and consistently inconsistent in frequency. There’s nothing worse than an inbox clogged with newsletters. I enjoy writing about my characters’ lives, my life experiences, genealogy, quilting, photography, music and art, to name a few. I hope you will find some of these subjects of interest.



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This is where I hang out with my fellow writers and quilters. You will discover new releases from published and emerging writers in these organizations. Knowledge Network streams a wealth of documentaries and dramas. And Jonanco offers a wide range of programs from quilting to silversmithing, woodturning, lapidary, jewellery making, beading, felting, watercolour and more. Check these out.


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