Ardelle Holden

Writer of Intrigue and Mystery



Follow the life of this young woman throughout her tumultuous twenties—a decade cluttered with murders.

A Person of Interest – Book One

Samantha Bowers, on the rebound from an unsavoury relationship, has had her amateur sleuth status forced upon her when she became the prime suspect in the murder of a prominent Vancouver lawyer.


Murder by Bits and Bytes – Book Two

Samantha is again drawn into the ugly reality of murder when she finds blood evidence her husband has been murdered. Although grieving, Samantha steadfastly insists on his best friend’s innocence as the bodies begin to pile up.


Murder by Pins and Needles – Book Three

When Samantha receives for Christmas an Attic Windows quilt featuring a murder of crows, her sleuthing begins again. Who was this quilter, L. Bennett, so tormented by suspicion she hid clues to her own murder in a quilt for her son, Nicky? Or was it a daughter? Was she murdered or is she alive, steeped in paranoia?


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