Ardelle Holden

Writer of Intrigue and Mystery

Samantha took a taxi from the SkyTrain terminal to Chinatown that blustery night.  She couldn’t know a duplicity of injustice, treachery and deception would hound her from the moment she arrived, tired and soaked, on her friend’s doorstep. All she wanted was a long, hot shower before Siobhan got home, but…

Startled by two ominous figures skulking in the gloomy apartment, she gasped and slammed the door shut, their muffled shouts chasing her as she flew down the stairs into the deluge that threatened to thwart her escape.


Ben had promised Samantha to unplug this weekend—he would leave the Bach House Vineyards IT project at the office. Oblivious to what awaited her, Sam showered in the glow of anticipation of this romantic getaway. How could she know she would spend it alone?

Ben glanced at the wine and flowers on the passenger seat with his computer bag. He grinned to himself, knowing he would arrive at the cottage well before Sam with time to get the fireplace crackling and the chill off the sheets.

Ben’s cell phone buzzed and went to voicemail. His best friend, Gerry, was still at the cottage, but his voice was jagged; his message cryptic, ending with an abrupt click that made Ben shiver.

A creeping sense of foreboding turned Ben’s knuckles white as he accelerated through traffic. Something was very, very wrong at the cottage.



In Murder by Pins and Needles, love and betrayal inevitably lead to murder, but whose – the betrayed or betrayer? The label on the thrift store quilt read –

Remember Me, Nicky
Love, Mom
L. Bennett 2015  

Who is L Bennett? Are these clues to her own murder hidden so cleverly in Nicky’s quilt? Will Samantha solve a murder, or save a life?


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