Oliver Frampton Mysteries


What does a boy do when his imaginary friends never die?

Little does young Olly Frampton realize how the comfort and companionship of his new imaginary friends will cause him to endure incessant bullying from his first day of grade three, in a new school, in a new town, and in a new home where he is tormented relentlessly by his mad-at-the-world teenaged cousin, Brad. As the years roll by, with the guidance of Dr. Christine Hunter, a psychologist, Oliver acquires some coping skills, but they dissolve in an instant when he discovers, while researching for a criminology assignment in journalism, what really happened when he was eight.

The Samantha Bowers Mysteries


Trials of a Reluctant Amateur Sleuth

Samantha Bowers’ tumultuous twenties was a decade cluttered with murders. The police are not the only ones hunting her in A Person of Interest; her husband is not the only one who has disappeared at the end of a trail of blood in Murder by Bits and Bytes, and she is not the only one seeking closure in Murder by Pins and Needles. How can she possibly endure it all unscathed?