A Person of Interest

A Duplicity of Treachery and Deception

Samantha’s pulse raged. Could they hear it from down the alley? She hesitated, held her breath, and listened. In the darkness, pelting rain muffled the voices of the two men she knew would soon round the corner and see her silhouetted against the light from the street beyond. Ahead she spotted the dark recess of a delivery entrance. As her mind raced, Samantha’s feet struggled in nightmarish slow motion against the grip of debris and rushing water that conspired to drag her backwards into danger. The instant she reached the doorway, she leapt up onto the threshold. Pressing her back hard against the ridges of the cold metal door, she wished she could melt into it like a Dali watch.



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Rosemary Barnes

Review by:
Valerie Stowell
BS Computer Science

I looked forward to reading A Person Of Interest by Ardelle Holden, a romantic mystery story that takes place in and around Vancouver B.C., anticipating a few lazy hours of light entertainment. What I did not expect was to feel my heart racing, in empathy with the main character within the first two pages! I was hooked.

The author’s vivid description of how it looks and feels to be caught in a Vancouver downpour was so authentic I felt transported back to my days living and working in that City.

Samantha, the central character, at first appears to be cast in the roll of damsel in distress and Ben, a handsome stranger, enters the story as an apparent knight in shining armor. Often, when I read a story where two people appear to fall in love within days, it inspires an eye roll and a groan. I was relieved and pleased that Ardelle provided depth to her characters with a good back-story. This was apparent throughout the book. As Samantha discovers, you can learn a lot from studying what is and is not on display on one’s book shelf!

Too often, Law Enforcement is cast in the role of villain, relentlessly perusing the protagonist beyond reason. In this novel, Ardelle Holden manages to create suspense while providing a realistic peek into how investigators work.

As the story develops, there is a twist that may seem implausible, however in the end, all becomes clear. The power of social media, along with the ubiquitous use of mobile phones to capture images, technology to manipulate anything digital and the profound harm that can occur with various forms of identity theft are topics of concern for everyone today. The integration of the use of these technologies and related issues, brings a very contemporary feel to the book and made it more interesting.

I very much enjoyed reading A Person of Interest, Ardelle Holden’s debut novel, and appreciated that both the adventure and romantic story lines were peppered with subtle humor throughout. The next time I hop on a bus in Vancouver, I will think of Samantha and Ben!

— Valerie Stowell, BS Computer Science, Software Engineer Retired



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