A Person of Interest

Samantha Bowers Mysteries – Book One

Samantha ducked out of the taxi that blustery night in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

She cringed, not just from the cold rain, but at the thought of having to deal with Don’s temper again. The breakup when she’d left on this writing retreat had not gone well. When she arrived at the isolated cabin, she made a deliberate choice to let go of the negativity that had followed her. And true to her resolve, she had. Her first draft was complete.

Tired and soaked to the skin, Samantha struggled up the stairs with her carry-on to her friend’s apartment. Why wasn’t the door locked? Siobhan was at work. Peering in, the outline of two ominous figures skulking in the gloom made her gasp. She slammed the door shut and, as she flew down the stairs into the street, their muffled shouts chased her.

Shielding her face from the driving rain, fear propelled Samantha between jousting umbrellas and into the spray from the surging traffic that threatened to thwart her escape.