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This blog was originally posted as a
Free Isolation Package
when schools were closed in the spring of 2020.
Mothers were looking for different activities
for their young children.

Terrance the Terrapin Colouring Book

Have Fun!

Edric (age 9) was one of the first to send me a coloured page. I’d love to see what masterpieces I receive next.




Terrance the Terrapin
is the first in the series
Grama’s Charms

This is the story of a turtle named


He sits on the same log in his pond all day, every day.
He wishes he had something to do. Sound familiar?


Terrance the Terrapin

Terrance the Terrapin was the only Slider in this little pond.  He sat all day on a log, half in and half out of the water, soaking up the sunshine.  Because turtles are cold-blooded, Terrance needed the warmth of the sun to get him moving in the morning.

Boris the Bass

On this particular morning, Terrance was thinking how little there was to do—he sighed. Same old plants to eat. Same old passers-by on the path. Same old neighbours. “Hi Boris.”

Boris the Bass burbled, “Hi, Terry,” and swam on. He didn’t talk much.

Shep the German Shepherd

A gazing bench—at least that is what Terrance called it—looked out over his pond. This morning, a sleek German Shepherd walked beside a man along the path toward the bench.

Terrance swam to the shore. “ Hi. I’m Terry. Say, why do you have such a stiff leash?”

“Hello to you too, Terry. My name is Shep. This isn’t an ordinary leash.  It is stiff so that George can feel what I do.  He is blind and I am his eyes. If I stop, he stops. If I turn left, he turns left.  He always follows my lead. This is my job. I am a Seeing Eye Dog.”

Shep led George to the bench and sat down beside him. “What do you do, Terry.”

“I don’t have a job. That’s my problem. I’m bored and I don’t feel useful. Maybe I could be a Seeing Eye Turtle!”

Benny Bunny

Terrance slipped off his log and bid Shep goodbye. He was on a mission to find someone who needed his help.Boris didn’t need his help and neither did any of the other residents of his pond.

Disappointed—Terrance returned to his log to warm up again and contemplate his future. He didn’t have long to wait.  Soon Benny Bunny arrived at the pond.  He was very unhappy. Terrance asked, “What’s wrong Benny?  Can I help?”

“A big rock is blocking my burrow and I can’t get in!” Benny said.

“I’m not strong enough to get it out for you, but if you dig a hole in front of the rock, you can tap it into the hole and clear the entrance to your burrow.”

“That’s a great idea!  Thanks, Terry.  You’ve been a big help.”  Benny hopped with happiness.

Farrah Fawn

As Terrance basked in the sun, he thought he’d like to actually do something more useful—like Shep.  He was distracted by Farrah Fawn running in circles on the path beside the pond. “What’s wrong, Farrah?  Can I help?”

I have to catch up to my mother, but I don’t know which way she went!” sobbed Farrah.

“Wait here.”  Terrance swam to the other side of the pond and looked up over the field.  He spotted the doe’s ears twitching above the grass near the old elm tree.  He swam back to his basking log. “I can’t help you through the thick grass, but if you run through it towards that large elm tree, you will find your mother.”

“Thank you so much Terry. You’ve been a big help.” Farrah bounded off through the long grass.

Terrance Goes to Sleep

Terrance still didn’t really feel useful and it was getting dark, so he climbed out onto the muddy bank with the overhanging shrubs and went to sleep.

Baby Bird

The morning light was twinkling through the leaves when Terrance awoke to the peeping of Baby Bird.  She had fallen from her nest and was floundering in the shallow water. Terrance didn’t have to ask Baby what the problem was.  He swam under Baby Bird and lifted her out of the water.  He crawled out onto the shore and Baby Bird tumbled off his back to the ground.


Baby Bird is Rescued

“Thank you, Terry. I would have drowned if you hadn’t helped.” Baby Bird chirped.

“I’m sorry I can’t fly, so I can’t help you get back into your nest, but if you hop under this bush, you will be safe, and your mother can feed you there.”  Baby Bird flapped her soggy wings and hopped under the bush, but Terrance still didn’t feel that he was being truly useful.

Molly-Star Mole

Molly-Star Mole poked her head above water. Gulping down a tasty grub she said, “Is that you Terry. What’s up?”

Ignoring Molly’s question, Terrance hollered, “Molly Star! You’re blind! I can help you get around!

Molly shook her head. “I really don’t need help to get around, Terry. My sense of touch in this beautiful star nose is five times greater than a human’s hand. And my sense of smell under water is fantastic! But thanks for the offer.”

Mother Bird

Terrance sighed. “Oh dear, I really want to help someone.”

“Ahem,” said Mother Bird. “I’ve been watching you ever since Shep came by, and you helped Benny Bunny get a rock out of his burrow, and Farrah Fawn find her mother, and Baby Bird get out of the water into safety. You should be very proud of yourself.”

Sammy Snail

A small voice from the reeds piped up. “Maybe you could help me, Terry.” It was Sammy Snail. “I’ve got to get to the other end of the pond quickly to meet my friend Augy.”

“Well, climb on board, Sammy, and you’d better hang on!”

Terrance the Terrapin finds a Job

Sammy’s tentacles blew back in the breeze as he watched the pond recede in Terry’s wake.  This was much faster than a snail’s pace!

“Wheeeeeeeee!”  he said.

The Beginning

Terrance the Terrapin Colouring Book

I hope you enjoy reading and colouring
Terrance the Terrapin and his friends.

Ardelle Holden
April 15th 2020