Day 5:  June 30, 2018  

Pat and I arrived with all my gear at the Lac du Bonnet Library for my first book signing an hour early—anxious much?

But when Vickie Short, the Librarian, arrived, the set up went smoothly.  We rearranged the furniture and set up my laptop with the trailer.

  The banner was raised outside the front door and copies of A Person of Interest were stamped with my embossing seal in anticipation of a lineup down the block.  Optimistic much?

Soon, Arlene Davidson arrived from The Clipper for an interview.  It didn’t take much prompting from Arlene to get me started.  I’ve got to learn not to throw off the whole load of hay for one horse.

When my friends arrived, it was like I’d never left town—twice.  We passed around cell phones, posed and laughed way too much for a library—but we didn’t get shushed.

At the end of the day, A Person of Interest had fledged.  It was a very good day.

Until tomorrow—Happy Canada Day!

PS: I self-published A Person of Interest in September 2019.