Day 3: A Person of Interest – Book Launch Tour

As soon as Walmart opened at 7:00 we tottered in with our fellow travellers for breakfast, commuter mugs in hand, not in our jammies and fuzzy slippers. That would have been a bit much.

Saskatchewan—you’ve got to love it.  She produced some of my closest friends, and I could almost wave to all of them from the highway!  Sorry… Sorry.  It’s gotta be the only place in Canada where you could see two houses—yes houses—pass each other on the highway! Honest. Those are the moments you watch with your mouth open and forget to take a picture.

But seriously, if you haven’t seen the golden fields of canola stretching to the edge of the earth or cows browsing in open fields with their calves cavorting around them, you are missing the beating heart of Saskatchewan.  I look forward to the bobbing heads and smiling faces of sunflowers that will wave to us mile after mile like a royal procession on our return trip.

Until tomorrow,