June 26, 2018

Day 1: A Person of Interest – Book Launch Tour

It’s a ‘bright, bright sunshiny day’ on this, the first day of our trip across Western Canada and the upper States.  Pat says if we’re going to do this book tour, we may as well take in the Fly-In at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Since he’s the driver and engineer, I’ll concede that point.

We’re on board the Queen of Alberni—the 7:30 a.m. sailing from Duke Point Nanaimo to Tsawwassen—the very same ship Samantha Bowers took on that fateful day in October.  She had no idea what awaited her on the pages of A Person of Interest.

My first shipment of A Person of Interest will be ready for pickup on Friday the 29th at the Friesen Press plant in Altona Manitoba—just three days from now and we have to drop JZV’s cylinders in Red Deer Alberta first.  Pat is going to be driving like a trucker.  We stocked the camper with enough food and clothes to last through July.  I wonder if I brought enough shoes?

The Lac du Bonnet Library is going to host my first book signing on the 30th, so cross your fingers we make it through the mountains and the prairies with no mechanical issues.

Wish me luck,


PS: In my next post, I’ll tell you about the amazing night I had on June 20th with Knowledge Network at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo.


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