The Private Lives of My Characters

Ben and Samantha each had a life before I wrote

A Person of Interest


Samantha Bowers has just returned to the mainland from Vancouver Island on this crisp September day. She had been whale-spotting on the deck and met someone.  As soon as she entered her apartment, she texted her best friend, Siobhan.



Today, you will get a glimpse into the lives of two of my characters from A Person of Interest, Samantha Bowers and Ben Chambers, strangers who don’t know what you already know—in a few short weeks, their lives will never be the same again.

They are still blissfully unaware their lives will very soon collide on the pages of this murder mystery.

Have a listen.



Sam: Hey you.  Guess what?  I met a guy.
       Siobhan: Shut up!
Sam: Yes. We were whale spotting and we just got talking.
       Siobhan: And?
Sam: And he gave me a lift into the City.
       Siobhan: No!
Sam: It was fine.  He’s a lawyer.  Drives a Mercedes?
       Siobhan: Get out.  We still on for Friday?
Sam: Yes. I think this one could be a winner, S.
       Siobhan: Bout time.  I want details!


Who is

A Person of Interest?

Is it Sam? Siobhan? This lawyer, perhaps? It could be anyone.  It could even be…

Ben Chambers

I ran into Ben while volunteering at the Ladysmith thrift store.  I was working cash when he plunked down a well-loved copy of Diana Krall’s album, When I Look in Your Eyes.

“I’ve been looking for this CD for years, and here it is! I can’t believe it.”

I turned it over in my hand. “What on earth do you need the actual CD for?  Don’t you buy your tunes online?”

Ben snickered. “Generally, I do, but it’s hard to tell the condition of used CDs online. This one is for Mom. You know she’s a big fan, and she loves to hold the real thing in her hand.”

“Yes, she does.” I said. “How are your folks?”

“Mm? Not bad. They’re still struggling, but little by little.”

Ben pocketed his purchase and turned to leave. “Mom would love to see you.

“Yes, I must give her a call this week.  And you take care of yourself too, Ben.”  He smiled and nodded at the door.


It pains me to see his family suffering the loss of their daughter, Sandra, for so long. Ben tries to come over as often as he can from the mainland to visit his parents in Chemainus.

On that particular day, he stopped by the thrift store since it was right on his way to the Duke Point Ferry Terminal.

Seldom, do I run into a character from one of my novels. This was a treat.

This would be a good time for you to read

            A Person of Interest…

…otherwise, you may never get to know them. As you well know, in every thriller, someone turns up dead.



25 March 2018