Ardelle Holden

A Writer of Mystery and Intrigue

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Killing Imaginary Friends

The first in the Oliver Frampton Mystery Series

Olly learns the hard way that reacting verbally to his imaginary friends with animated gestures gets him bullied from his very first day in Grade Three and trundled off to a psychologist.

Over twelve years, much to his girlfriend’s chagrin, Oliver tries many coping skills in this weird lover’s triangle. Then, quite by accident, he discovers what happened to him when he was eight.

After all these years, the trail is bone cold. Can he find peace and freedom? And for whom?

Discover the Samantha Bowers Mysteries Trilogy

Follow the life of Samantha Bowers, throughout her tumultuous twenties—a decade cluttered with murders. How can a reluctant amateur sleuth save herself, the man she loves, and a perfect stranger?

I’m excited to share updates on my current writing project, the lives of my characters, and lost scenes or chapters. Squirrel! My life adventures in genealogy, quilting, photography, music and art do tend to distract me. But if you find that a snore, then how about hunting, mining exploration, aviation, wild rice and bush life in the Canadian North? I hope you will find some of these subjects of interest while you patiently await Killing Imaginary Friends. I’m on it.