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Killing Imaginary Friends

An Oliver Frampton Mystery


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Killing Imaginary Friends

An Oliver Frampton Mystery

What does a boy do

when his imaginary friends never die?

Olly Frampton fights back his parting tears. It’s all his fault. He stares at his mother’s tear-streaked face in the rearview mirror, terrified she will careen off the mountain in the storm. Suddenly, she breaks when police lights glare off the windshield. An officer in a yellow slicker waves them past an overturned car. She gasps.

Olly presses his nose against the window. A small boy with unblinking eyes clutches his teddy in the rain before disappearing beneath a white sheet. Olly’s fear turns to profound sadness for the little guy, dying all alone, on the road, in the rain. A small voice makes Olly’s head spin and his eyes bulge. The boy smiles from the seat beside him. Was this his imagination?

Killing Imaginary Friends is Book One of the Oliver Frampton Mystery Series. If you like suspenseful, emotional, coming-of-age angst, you’ll love Ardelle Holden’s gripping story of young Olly’s two imaginary friends who frustrate and torment him until at twenty, he discovers what really happened when he was eight. But after all these years, can he solve this bone cold case?

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I’m excited to share updates on my current writing project, the lives of my characters, and lost scenes or chapters. Squirrel! My life adventures in genealogy, quilting, photography, music and art do tend to distract me. But if you find that a snore, then how about hunting, mining exploration, aviation, wild rice and bush life in the Canadian North? I hope you will find some of these subjects of interest while you patiently await Book Two in the Oliver Frampton Mystery Series. I’m on it.