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In the approximate words of
Agador Spartacus in The Birdcage,
It’s so nice to see you again, or for the first time.

Sincerely, Ardelle Holden



The book you’ve been waiting for….

Murder by Pins and Needles!

Will launch on January 30, 2022.

The last in the trilogy after

A Person of Interest       and        Murder by Bits and Bytes

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Murder by Pins and Needles

reveals the life and death of love, loyalty and betrayal.

Until she saw the horror on Ben’s face, it hadn’t occurred to Samantha that a menacing murder of crows had congregated in this Attic Windows quilt. It gave her pause to examine it more closely, and what she discovered gave her chills. Who was this woman, L. Bennett, so tormented by suspicion she hid clues to her own murder in a quilt for her son, Nicky? Or was it a daughter? Was she murdered or is she alive, steeped in paranoia?

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Ardelle Holden

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